Coffee and Condensed Milk Lamingtons

An absolute classic array of flavours I’m no stranger to lamingtons, some would say I’m a bit obsessed. So far I’ve created the classic lamington version all doused in chocolate sauce and of course a strawberry lamington cake which is fresh and light and just perfection, next was my stack of chocolate lamington pancakes whichContinue reading “Coffee and Condensed Milk Lamingtons”

Chocolate Lamington Pancakes

Pancake day has come and gone but this idea for Chocolate Lamington Pancakes has been lingering on in my mind for a few months now. They’re delicious,light and fluffy, dipped in a delicious chocolate sauce and desiccated coconut served with a side of raspberries. When I first mentioned this idea to my husband I rememberContinue reading “Chocolate Lamington Pancakes”


I’ve been making lamingtons for years, and it wasn’t until my Kenwood appreciation post last week that I realised just how much everyone loved them! Lamingtons might be an Australian treat but I remember consuming them in extremely large quantities all my life, the light buttery sponge soaked in chocolate syrup then rolled desiccated coconutContinue reading “Lamingtons”