Sweetie Pie Rocky Road

Has the countdown to Valentines day begun? No? Oh well then allow me to start with these decadent slices of Sweetie Pie Rocky Road. The best part of sending my husband to the shops after work is that he always surprises me with a box of sweetie pies which is probably why I sometimes “forget”Continue reading “Sweetie Pie Rocky Road”

Smore Truffle Mousse – 3 Ingredients

Is there anything made with Beyers chocolate that doesn’t taste absolutely delicious? The answer is…NO! I made the most delicious mousse using their rum truffles, this incredible 3 ingredient mousse recipe is not just simple but utterly delicious. It’s rich, airy and sets in under an hour which makes for the perfect holiday dessert. AllContinue reading “Smore Truffle Mousse – 3 Ingredients”

Spooky Chocolate Cake with Expresso Ganache

Ok, so as much as I love complicated, 100 step cakes I have to say I really enjoyed creating this simple chocolate cake, it’s rich and fudgey and definitely a recipe you want to add to your recipe book. This recipe yields 2 round cakes or if you’re feeling spontaneous bake the batter in aContinue reading “Spooky Chocolate Cake with Expresso Ganache”