Beyers Chocolate Malty O’s Reindeer Cake

Happy Holidays everyone!! ‘Tis indeed my favourite time of the year, I get to eat till my hearts content and create what can only be considered as magic in my little kitchen. I popped into the Beyers factory shop in Spartan yesterday and cleared out all the Malty O’s specifically for this recipe. I knewContinue reading “Beyers Chocolate Malty O’s Reindeer Cake”

Sweetie Pops Ice Cream Cake

Sweetie pops folded into creamy chocolate ice cream, a sweetie pops base and chocolate ganache, this my friends is the best, most decadent and chocolatey ice cream cake you’ll ever make! I am the biggest sweetie pops fan in the world! I am always looking for excuses to stock up on these delicious morsels evenContinue reading “Sweetie Pops Ice Cream Cake”