Trifle Ice Cream Cake

The question I always get asked is, “How do I serve a trifle?” I mean it looks beautiful but when you serve it, it just ends up looking like one delicious mess ­čśů. The solution? A trifle ice cream cake. All the trifle flavours we enjoy and it serves up beautifully ­čĹî Ingredients: For theContinue reading “Trifle Ice Cream Cake”

Blondie Pies

These are the pies you make for those who can’t stand the sight of fruit mince pies – those meaning my two kids and husband! I’ve been seeing quite a few brownie pies on my feed, and I just had to jump on the trend with these delicious blondie pies with marzipan, cranberries, and deliciousContinue reading “Blondie Pies”

Chocolate Coated Gingerbread Biscuits

I can’t believe how late I am with my Christmas baking, usually, by now I’d have an enormous cookie jar filled with an assortment of treats. Anyway, these biscuits, according to a few people that tasted them say that it’s the best cookie I’ve ever made! This is a pretty big statement but one biteContinue reading “Chocolate Coated Gingerbread Biscuits”

Candy Cane Cookies

Are you sick of me yet? No? Well then you guys are my kinda people. How adorable are these candy cane cookies? I am obsessed with them, my kids are too but that’s no surprise ´Ąú. For the flavours I chose chocolate and vanilla and Peppermint, I have to say I love both, becareful withContinue reading “Candy Cane Cookies”

Lamington Wreath Cake

These past two weeks have been stressful, work is hectic, and my personal life is hectic, and then amid all the chaos, my mother decided to visit! Like I said, stressful! But I am back, I missed you guys, and I missed taking beautiful photos of food and sharing them with you. To kick thingsContinue reading “Lamington Wreath Cake”


Why have one dessert when you can have two! Well, atleast that’s what I always say ­čśä. Most of us know flan as cr├Ęme caramel, the deliciously smooth creamy dessert drenched in caramel, this dessert is exactly like that, well sort of. The cr├Ęme caramel is baked together with chocolate cake batter causing a massiveContinue reading “Chocoflan”

Hot Chocolate Trifle

Happy Weekend!! I know we’re all at home but with juggling home schooling, working from home and getting a million requests for snacks from kids I’m just so exhausted! Since I have to include chocolate in some form in my desserts I created this Hot Chocolate Trifle, made with the most easiest chocolate cake EVER!Continue reading “Hot Chocolate Trifle”

Caramelised Onion, Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Quiche with Bakers Snacktime┬« Assorted Crackers

I love a good quiche, I especially love creating something incredible using the ingredients I gathered from my fridge and pantry- I say no to wasting food!! I used Bakers Snacktime┬« Assorted CrackersÔÇÖ for the crust, and I have to say it’s a total game changer, flavorful and crisp and I don’t think I couldContinue reading “Caramelised Onion, Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Quiche with Bakers Snacktime┬« Assorted Crackers”

Beyers Chocolate Malty O’s Reindeer Cake

Happy Holidays everyone!! ‘Tis indeed my favourite time of the year, I get to eat till my hearts content and create what can only be considered as magic in my little kitchen. I popped into the Beyers factory shop in Spartan yesterday and cleared out all the Malty O’s specifically for this recipe. I knewContinue reading “Beyers Chocolate Malty O’s Reindeer Cake”

Fully Loaded Cheeseballs

I made this on Christmas eve and it was devoured in 0.5 seconds. I have to admit they were extremely delicious, the addition of jalapenos, crispy bacon and dried cranberries is life changing! Here’s the recipe. Jalapeno Popper Cheese Balls Ingredients for cheeseballs 1 cup cream cheese, room temperature 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese, gratedContinue reading “Fully Loaded Cheeseballs”