Christmas Tree Croquembouche

Happy Holidays everyone!!! 12 more days till Christmas and I’m absolutely busy trying to get everything done in time. I whipped up this gorgeous croquembouche for a dinner party using my go to profiterole recipe. Dipped them in chocolate and stacked them to resemble a Christmas tree, I decorated them with fresh raspberries and homemadeContinue reading “Christmas Tree Croquembouche”

Choux Pastry

I am a huge fan of French pastry, croissants, palmiers and ECLAIRS! My love for eclairs however is something I just can’t explain, I love them so much I’d choose them over creme brulee anyday.This morning I got up, turned to page 48 of @freshliving_pnp and decided to whip up a batch of chocolate eclairs.Continue reading “Choux Pastry”