Devils Food Cake

Forget about what you’ve heard, this chocolate cake is sinfully delicious like the name suggests. Which makes it perfect for all our lockdown Halloween celebrations. Drizzled in a gooey white chocolate ganache which I tinted green using food colouring powder – I would avoid using gel-based colourants as these may seize the chocolate and whoContinue reading “Devils Food Cake”

Spooky Chocolate Cake with Expresso Ganache

Ok, so as much as I love complicated, 100 step cakes I have to say I really enjoyed creating this simple chocolate cake, it’s rich and fudgey and definitely a recipe you want to add to your recipe book. This recipe yields 2 round cakes or if you’re feeling spontaneous bake the batter in aContinue reading “Spooky Chocolate Cake with Expresso Ganache”