Mango and white chocolate mousse cake

Receiving a box of Bakers Choice Assorted® reminded me so much of home, even though Bakers® was a huge part of my day to day life the Choice Assorted® box was a definite must every festive season. I still remember helping my mom carry the boxes of Bakers Choice Assorted® from the car after weContinue reading “Mango and white chocolate mousse cake”

South African Classic – Boerwors Pasta Bake

My husband says this is the best pasta he’s ever eaten, and the man’s been to Italy! An amazing pasta bake with boerwors, spinach, fresh tomatoes and gooey cheddar cheese 😍. So delicious. Here’s how you can make this delicious dish. Boerwors Pasta Bake Ingredients 2 tablespoons coconut oil 500g Boerewors, cut into bite sizeContinue reading “South African Classic – Boerwors Pasta Bake”