This mango and white chocolate mousse cake has been taken to a whole other level with the addition of Bakers®.

Receiving a box of Bakers Choice Assorted® reminded me so much of home, even though Bakers® was a huge part of my day to day life the Choice Assorted® box was a definite must every festive season.

I still remember helping my mom carry the boxes of Bakers Choice Assorted® from the car after we went shopping and then dunking my favourites in a cold glass of milk… such good memories.

In my home with my family my husband and I consider ourselves Bakers Romany Creams®  fanatics, that’s why we we’re thrilled to find out that Bakers®  have included it in the beautiful festive box this year.

I wanted to create something fresh and simple and that doesn’t require you (or me) to switch on an oven (WIN!). Since I’ve been craving all the stone fruit Summer has to offer I decided on mango for the fresh part. This Mango and white chocolate mousse is absolute heaven, silky smooth, rich and tart layered with Bakers Romany Creams®  and Bakers Lemon Cream® biscuits making for perfect after braai accompaniment.

Here’s how I made it.

Mango and white chocolate mousse cake


For the mousse
300g mango puree
50g sugar
1/2 tbsp  gelatin powder
2 tbsp cold water
200ml cream, whipped to soft peaks
100g white chocolate, melted

For the base

100g Bakers Lemon Creams®
100g Bakers Romany Creams®
1/4 cup melted butter


1. To prepare the mousse, add the sugar to the mango puree, dissolve gelatin in 2 tablespoons of water and allow it to bloom for 5 minutes. Microwave at 5 second intervals until dissolved and add to the mango puree. Fold in the melted white chocolate and mango puree in to the whipped cream until well combined.

2. To prepare the base crush the biscuits in a resealable plastic bag, using a rolling pin.

3. Combine the crushed biscuits with the melted butter and press half of the mixtire into the base of a springform cake pan.

4. Pour half the mousse mixture over the biscuit base, top with the remaining biscuit mixture and the remaining mousse mixture.

5. Refrigerate for 4 hours – overnight. Before serving top with whipped cream, passionfruit pulp and Bakers Lemon Creams® and Romany Creams®biscuits.