Coconut Barfi Truffles

I know I’m so late posting this recipe, almost a whole month or has it been longer? I created these gorgeous coconut barfi truffles to celebrate World Chocolate Day and I have to admit I struggled to get the perfect photos because the minute they were done my family surrounded me like a bunch ofContinue reading “Coconut Barfi Truffles”

Smore Truffle Mousse – 3 Ingredients

Is there anything made with Beyers chocolate that doesn’t taste absolutely delicious? The answer is…NO! I made the most delicious mousse using their rum truffles, this incredible 3 ingredient mousse recipe is not just simple but utterly delicious. It’s rich, airy and sets in under an hour which makes for the perfect holiday dessert. AllContinue reading “Smore Truffle Mousse – 3 Ingredients”

Orange and rosemary chocolate truffles

Smooth and silky white chocolate ganache infused with one of my favourite flavour combinations, orange and rosemary. I know you’re probably thinking this is such a weird combination, but it works trust me! It is also very, very delicious. Here is how you can make them Ingredients 180 ml cream Zest of one medium sizedContinue reading “Orange and rosemary chocolate truffles”

Cookie Truffles

I remember making a single batch of these during the holidays and I tasted just one and ended up eating the entire batch! I hurried to make two more batches because they were meant to be gifts to friends and family. They were such a huge hit with everyone and they look absolutely gorgeous whenContinue reading “Cookie Truffles”