I remember making a single batch of these during the holidays and I tasted just one and ended up eating the entire batch! I hurried to make two more batches because they were meant to be gifts to friends and family.

They were such a huge hit with everyone and they look absolutely gorgeous when placed in mini cupcake liners and my husband thought I’d bought them, HA! I love these because it’s so simple, zero baking necessary! That’s always a win!

You just need 2 boxes of romany cream cookies (any flavour you like), a few tablespoons of cream and salted butter (if you don’t have salted butter unsalted is fine just add in a pinch if salt to offset the sweetness). I topped mine with candied pecans, dried cranberries and cute heart shaped sprinkles. You could use anything you have lying around, desiccated coconut, cocoa powder or just dipped in chocolate. These truffles are incredible either way.

Here’s how I made them.

Romany Cream Truffles recipe


400g Romany Creams
4 tablespoons salted butter, melted
6 tablespoons fresh cream
120g dark chocolate
1 teaspoon coconut oil

To decorate
Desiccated coconut, dried fruit, roasted nuts, chocolate drizzle, sprinkles.


1. I put my biscuits into a blender and gave it a whizz until it turned to a fine crumb (you could also place them in a ziplock bag and use a rolling pin), place in a bowl.

2. Add in melted butter and cream until the blitzed cookies resemble a paste. Refrigerate for 4 hours or over night.

3. Spoon out the truffle mixture and roll using the palms of your hands to shape it into a ball. Do this with the remaining mixture.

4. Melt chocolate in a microwave with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Dip the truffle balls in one at a time ensuring the truffles are enrobed.

4. Decorate with sprinkles, nuts, drizzle with chocolate, go wild! Place them in the fridge to harden up then place them in mini cupcake liners. Enjoy!

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