This is probably the 3rd time I’ve tried to make ganache. Dont even ask about the previous times because they both bombed because I hadn’t measured my ingredients properly 😅.

But this time I did and it resulted in this luscious, decadent and oh so smooth bar one ganache.

Follow @thetockablog on instagraml to see all the different ways im going to use this bowl of absolute deliciousness (yeah I made that word up).

Melt 2 big bar ones with a little oil and butter till nice and soft and melted it will be abit thick don’t stress

Thereafter melt 3 slabs of chocolate with a big tin nestle cream
Then add bar one mixture to above and mix till a smooth consistency is reached there will be bits of bar one don’t stress just whisk till you get it as smooth as possible. Refrigerate and use when needed this makes the ganache nice and thick or use immediately by pouring over a cake etc.

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