It’s finally the month of love and to be honest with you I’ve planned some pretty in pretty and pretty amazing treats to share with you all.

I can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan on Valentines day but it is the day my husband and I went our on our first date, so that’s worth celebrating.

I made these gorgeous “Love Birds” A.K.A flamingo floaties with a bit of chocolate ganache, pink coloured coconut, mini marshmallows and two chomp chocolates, and don’t worry about making your own doughnuts just buy them! TIME SAVER! and a really cute gift idea for the kids or anyone really, I mean they’re so frikken cute 😍.


6 plain doughnuts

Pink tinted coconut flakes/desiccated coconut

300ml pink white chocolate ganache,

Pink food coloring

6 Cadbury Chomp bars

Mini white marshmellows


Milk chocolate (melted)


1. Dip the chomp bars into the pink chocolate ganache and allow to set.

2. Take a cashew and dip the tip into melted milk chocolate. Place each cashew on one of the chomp bars. Add the white mini marshmellows for the eyes and a drop of black food colouring on each.

3. Mix together coconut flakes and pink food coloring for pink “feathers.” Place on top of the pink donut. Place the dried chomp inside the donut hole, secure with a toothpick if need need be.

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