This chocolate Macaroon cake is utterly divine – make with Kerrygold butter, roasted almonds, coconut and ALL THE CHOCOLATE!

This delicious bake is borderline brownie with it’s rich fudgy texture, I smothered it in chocolate ganache because I have zero limits when it comes to chocolate, and a bit of toasted coconut for a delicious crunch.

Don’t forget to enter the #BakewithKerrygold competition that’s currently running over on their page – you could win some incredible prizes like a stand mixer worth R12 000, Yuppiechef vouchers and Kerrygold hampers!!

Here’s how you can enter:

1.    Take a photo or video of your baked goodies made with Kerrygold butter (featuring the butter pack in the shot) 📸

2.    Share the photo or video in the comments on Facebook or tag @kerrygoldsouthafrica on Instagram 📱

3.    Include the #BakeWithKerrygold hashtag in the post caption 💬

4.    You’re entered and in the running for some awesome prizes! 😁

Competition entries close on Friday, 11 March 2022

Let’s get baking!

Chocolate Macaroon Cake

PREP TIME 25 minutes

COOKING TIME 45-60 minutes


227g Kerrygold salted butter, melted and cooled, extra for the cake tin

25g cocoa powder, extra for the cake tin

140g skin-on almonds, substitute with any nut 

280g dark chocolate, chopped

25g desiccated coconut 

6 large eggs, room temperature

115g granulated sugar

90g demerara sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla extract


150g dark chocolate, chopped

120ml coconut milk


90g coconut flakes, lightly toasted

50g sliced almonds, lightly toasted


Preheat oven to 160C. Lightly brush a 22cm cake tin with melted butter. Line the bottom with a round of baking paper. Dust sides of the cake tin with extra cocoa powder, tap out excess. 

Toast almonds on a rimmed baking sheet until fragrant, 8–10 minutes. Allow cooling.

Heat chocolate and butter in a medium heatproof bowl set over a saucepan of barely simmering water (don’t allow the bowl to touch the water), stir often until mixture is smooth, and remove from heat and set aside to cool.

Pulse almonds in a food processor, in a food processor until nuts are finely ground. Add desiccated coconut and cocoa powder to the almond mixture.

Whisk all 6 eggs in a large mixing bowl, add both sugars and vanilla, and beat until mixture is pale about 2 minutes. Gradually add chocolate mixture. Beat to incorporate, then fold into the almond mixture making sure to scrape the bottom and sides. Pour batter into the prepared cake tin.

Bake until firm to the touch and a tester inserted into the center comes out clean, 40-45 minutes. Transfer the cake tin to a wire rack and allow cake to cool for 30 minutes in the pan. Run a knife around edges of cake and invert it onto the rack. Allow to cool completely 


Place chopped chocolate in a medium heat-proof bowl. Heat the cream in a small saucepan over medium heat until it begins to gently simmer. (Do not let it come to a rapid boil) Pour over the chocolate, then allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes to gently soften the chocolate. 

Very slowly stir until completely combined and chocolate has melted. The finer you chop the chocolate, the quicker it will melt with the cream. Place ganache in the fridge to firm up, 30 minutes.

Spoon the thickened ganache over the top of cooled cake, top with coconut flakes and sliced almonds.

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