Oreo Mousse Chocolate Eggs

Mousse but make it trendy! These are oreo mousse filled chocolate eggs!! And no it really does not get any better than this!! Not to mention it is a genius way to serve dessert this weekend! Oreo Mousse filled Chocolate Eggs Ingredients 8 oreo cookies, crushed360 ml whipping cream, chilled 1 tablespoon icing sugar, sifted2Continue reading “Oreo Mousse Chocolate Eggs”

Cookies and Cream Scrolls

If you, like me are a fan of cookies and cream, then you have to try this recipe! Just like traditional cinnamon rolls these cookies and cream rolls are soft, fluffy and so very tasty! The vanilla cream cheese icing is glorious, and the addition of bakers biscuits chocolate toppers is just pure perfection. Tangzhong:Continue reading “Cookies and Cream Scrolls”

Strawberry Swirl Blondies

Mothers day is coming up and since being a mom is such hard work I plan on treating myself to all my favourite desserts! I absolutely love Strawberry Swirls, even as a child I recall constantly picking out the jammy part and eating the entire biscuit saving the best (jammy) part for last. Adult me:Continue reading “Strawberry Swirl Blondies”

Cinnamon Doughnuts with a Ganache glaze.

I’ve always loved doughnuts, now that I’m older and I have kids of my own I love looking for healthier alternatives to our favourite desserts. After weeks of waiting my Wilton doughnut pan had arrived and I just had to take it for a test drive by making some yummy cinnamon doughnuts. which worked outContinue reading “Cinnamon Doughnuts with a Ganache glaze.”