Coffee and Condensed Milk Lamingtons

An absolute classic array of flavours I’m no stranger to lamingtons, some would say I’m a bit obsessed. So far I’ve created the classic lamington version all doused in chocolate sauce and of course a strawberry lamington cake which is fresh and light and just perfection, next was my stack of chocolate lamington pancakes whichContinue reading “Coffee and Condensed Milk Lamingtons”

Cookies and Cream Scrolls

If you, like me are a fan of cookies and cream, then you have to try this recipe! Just like traditional cinnamon rolls these cookies and cream rolls are soft, fluffy and so very tasty! The vanilla cream cheese icing is glorious, and the addition of bakers biscuits chocolate toppers is just pure perfection. Tangzhong:Continue reading “Cookies and Cream Scrolls”

Contest Winning Sweets & Savouries

So 2018 is almost over and in a few months my food blog is going to be turning 1. This year has been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs but mainly ups. When I started The Tocka Blog I didn’t quite know what it was I actually wanted to blog aboit. Somehow I justContinue reading “Contest Winning Sweets & Savouries”