Masala Chai

I have tried many store bought “masala chai” teas and I thought they were great, until my lovely aunt shared her recipe with me for from scratch masala chai, my goodness it is like a warm hug. You know the kind your Gran gives you. So good! Masala Chai recipeIngredients5 green cardamom pods3 whole cloves1 star anise5 peppercorns1Continue reading “Masala Chai”

Vanilla Masala Chai Shakes

Oh how I love myself a lovely cup of masala chai, but I find myself pulling away from the conventional method because of the heat and onto something more refreshing that still has that signature spicy kick! Using store bought vanilla ice cream, dates and a gorgeous spice mix that I’ve added to chai lattes,Continue reading “Vanilla Masala Chai Shakes”

Chana Magaj Masala Chai Spiced Cake

Chana Magaj Masala Chai Spiced Cake Chana Magaj is an Indian Fudge made from chickpea flour and ghee. Paired with a buttery masala chai spiced cake and cream cheese frosting, it is absolutely decadent! Trust me when I say you want this cake on your dessert table this Diwali! Chana Magaj Masala Chai Spiced CakeContinue reading “Chana Magaj Masala Chai Spiced Cake”