Crispy and delicious aloo tikki is a new favourite of mine. These spicy patties are the perfect snack and they make a great vegan burger patty alternative.

I am currently binge watching Street Food on Netflix and after watching the Indian Street food episode I had to try these out for myself. Now I can’t think of another way I’d ever want to eat potatoes, EVER!!!

Here’s how to make them!

Aloo Tikki


7 medium sized potatoes, peeled, boiled and mashed

6 tablespoons rice flour

1/4 cup coriander, chopped finely

1/2 teaspoon ginger, grated

2 tablespoons mint leaves, chopped finely

1 large green chili, chopped finely

½ tsp chilli powder/ red chilli flakes

½ teaspoon sea salt, ground

Vegetable oil


1. Begin with mashing the potatoes in a bowl, add in all the ingredients to the mashed potatoes except the oil. Mix to combine all the spices and scoop the potato mixture and shape into patties.

2. Once shaped, place on a baking tray and refrigerate for 10-15minutes.

3. After 15 minutes, heat vegetable oil in a pan. Once the oil is hot, place the aloo tikki’s on the pan and fry them on medium high heat until golden brown on both sides. Place it on absorbent paper and then repeat the same for all the aloo tikki.

Serve them whilst hot with chutney.

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