I had the best time attending the Coffee and Chocolate expo at the Dome in Randburg. The minute you walk in the gorgeous java aroma hits you and you’re sent into an eternal happy place.

My husband and I attended and we brought the kids along so our first visit was the stand selling the strongest coffee in the world – obviously!Then it was straight to hand picking and over indulging in the most luxurious chocolates I’ve ever seen! Of course I had to pick out something extra special and create my own magic when I got home.

I chose this exceptional high quality dark chocolate to create a fusion of two of my favourite desserts, Cashew brittle Chocolate Tart.

I turned the humble nut brittle into a tart, using crushed coconut biscuits and the roasted cashews as a tart base, layered with luscious dark chocolate ganache and crunchy cashew nut brittle. We tucked into it after dinner and it went down a treat and had everyone asking for more!

Here’s how you can make this decadent tart.

Cashew Chocolate Tart Recipe

For base and filling

200g coconut biscuits

60g butter, melted

100g toasted cashews

200g dark chocolate, roughly chopped

3/4 cup cream

1 tablespoon butter

100g Cashew nut brittle


1. Add the biscuits and roasted cashews into a processor and pulse until fine breadcrumb texture. Add the melted butter and pulse until combined. Press the biscuit crumbs into a 22cm tart tin, refrigerate until set.

2. Place the chopped chocolate, cream and butter into a glass bowl. Microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring inbetween until melted and smooth.

3. Pour the chocolate ganache over the chilled base. Chill for about 3 hours or until set. Top with roughly chopped cashew nut brittle.Keep the tart chilled in the fridge.

Set on the counter for about 10 minutes before serving.

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