Kalya is a spicy Mauritian dish, made with chicken or beef, creamy yogurt and freshly ground spices.

Hey everyone! I’ve been quite busy lately, taking a break from social media and taking care of the kiddos who are both sick! Luckily my son is recovering but my daughter on the other hand is refusing to eat!

I’ve tried all her favourite foods but one! Curry! Yep she is a curry girl, she could eat it for breakfast if she had the chance and guess what she actually finished her bowl.

*Mom sighs with relief*

Moral of the story? Never underestimate what a good curry can fix.

Enough chatter, here is how you can make this yogurt based oxtail kalya.

Oxtail Kalya



1.2 kgs oxtail

250 ml Double cream yogurt/maas

2 finely chopped onions, fried till crispy with ginger and garlic

4 tomatoes, grated

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

3 green chillies, crushed

5 ml turmeric powder

20 ml Kashmiri chilli powder

5 ml ground cumin

5 ml ground coriander

5 cloves, 8 black peppercorns, 4 cardamom pods all roasted and ground

For braising meat

1 teaspoon whole jeera seeds

½ teaspoon whole fennel seeds

4 potatoes, quartered

4 boiled eggs

1 sprig curry leaves

Chopped coriander


1. Marinade meat: add all spices, tomatoes and yogurt including crispy fried onions to your prepped oxtail and rub into the meat and refrigerate and leave overnight.

2. Heat 1/4 cup of oil (I used coconut) to a heavy based pot and add the marinated meat along with all the yogurt marinade and slow cook for 4 hours, I did this by simmering on low with the lid closed. An hour before the curry is complete add your potatoes and curry leaves, cover and allow to cook and soak up all that delicious gravy.

The oxtail kalya is done when the meat is tender and falling of the bone. Garnish with halved boiled eggs and coriander, serve hot with rice.

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