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Roasted tomato soup

1kg Roma tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic, with the peel on
3 – 4 thyme sprigs
Salt & pepper
Olive oil for roasting
2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 cup vegetable stock
1/2 cup cream
Basil leaves

Pre-heat your oven to 190C.
Wash tomatoes and cut them in half. Spread the tomatoes & garlic cloves onto a tray in a single layer. Season with salt and pepper, place sprigs of thyme over the tomatoes and drizzle with olive oil.
Roast for 45 minutes.
Remove the tray from the oven and add the balsamic vinegar, and return to the oven to roast for an extra 15 minutes.
Remove from the oven and toss the tomatoes and garlic into a large bowl or pot. Add hot vegetable stock and cream and blend until smooth.
Serve with crusty toasted cheese sarmies.

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