Jalebi Ice Cream Sandwiches

I feel like I come up with the strangest desserts, but somehow they just work.This is one of those times, sweet, crispy, and syrupy jalebi a classic Indian sweet has been upgraded to an ice cream sandwich with crushed pistachios and a touch of gold leaf. These hit the spot, especially in this heat! HereContinue reading “Jalebi Ice Cream Sandwiches”

Raspberry, Pomegranate and white chocolate coconut ice

Diwali is a few days away, and I’ve decided to start preparing the no bake items today. Coconut ice is one of my favourites and I can’t forgive myself for making it during this time of year only. I mean this delicious sweet treat takes minutes to whip up and an hour to set, itContinue reading “Raspberry, Pomegranate and white chocolate coconut ice”