Jalebi Ice Cream Sandwiches

I feel like I come up with the strangest desserts, but somehow they just work.This is one of those times, sweet, crispy, and syrupy jalebi a classic Indian sweet has been upgraded to an ice cream sandwich with crushed pistachios and a touch of gold leaf. These hit the spot, especially in this heat! HereContinue reading “Jalebi Ice Cream Sandwiches”

Snickers Pretzel Brownies

I am a sucker for a good brownie, all fudgy, and oh so delicious. However sometimes I feel it can be way too sweet, and this comes from a person with an insatiable sweet tooth. The addition of salted pretzels and snickers however managed to balance it out so beautifully. The sweet and salty flavourContinue reading “Snickers Pretzel Brownies”

Hot Chocolate Trifle

Happy Weekend!! I know we’re all at home but with juggling home schooling, working from home and getting a million requests for snacks from kids I’m just so exhausted! Since I have to include chocolate in some form in my desserts I created this Hot Chocolate Trifle, made with the most easiest chocolate cake EVER!Continue reading “Hot Chocolate Trifle”

Melktert pancakes with a tennis biscuit crumble

My kids love melktert, I could easily say it’s their favorite dessert, and since they love it so much I thought why not use it as a filling for pancakes. Dessert for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do! Here’s how I made it! Melktert pancakes with a tennis biscuit crumble. Ingredients Pancake batter 2 largeContinue reading “Melktert pancakes with a tennis biscuit crumble”

Boozy Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream

Boy, oh boy, this is my new favourite dessert EVER! The best part is the crunchy caramel coated almonds and the cinnamon swirl. I swear every spoonful felt like heaven. Anyway go make this, right now! Boozy Cinnamon Bun ice cream with caramel coated almonds Ingredients 500ml double cream 1 can condensed milk 1 cupContinue reading “Boozy Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream”

Chai Tres Leche Cake

This gorgeous light vanilla sponge cake and tres leche mixture gets a makeover. With subtle hints of saffron and cardamom infused into the sweet milky syrup this cake is heaven on a platter. I used mini bundt cake moulds for the cake but even baking on a sheet pan would be just fine. Here’s howContinue reading “Chai Tres Leche Cake”

Nutella Burfee

Hey everyone, Happy Deepavali to everyone who is celebrating today, I wish each and everyone of you a lifetime of happiness. Now you all know how much I love fusion desserts, burfee is my favourite Indian sweet meat EVER! And as for Nutella, I could – and have – eaten it straight out the jarContinue reading “Nutella Burfee”

Raspberry, Pomegranate and white chocolate coconut ice

Diwali is a few days away, and I’ve decided to start preparing the no bake items today. Coconut ice is one of my favourites and I can’t forgive myself for making it during this time of year only. I mean this delicious sweet treat takes minutes to whip up and an hour to set, itContinue reading “Raspberry, Pomegranate and white chocolate coconut ice”

Tiramisu Ice cream

Going along with my theme for the month of October, Italian with a twist. I had to make tiramisu, but with a tocka twist of course. Here’s how you can whip up this absolutely decadent dessert. Ingredients 10 Ladyfingers/Boudoir biscuits 2 cups strongly brewed coffee 2 1/2 cups fresh cream 1/2 can sweetened condensed milkContinue reading “Tiramisu Ice cream”

Burfee Cake

A delicious fusion dessert combining two of my favourite desserts, burfee which is an Indian fudge and cake infused with cardamom and vanilla drenched in a white chocolate ganache. Burfee has got to be my favourite of all the indian sweet meats, it’s so rich and creamy. I haven’t mastered the art that is makingContinue reading “Burfee Cake”