Burnt Honey and Rooibos Loaf

My goodness!! This delicious loaf is my most favourite bake right now. Burnt honey has a slightly nutty and caramel flavour that just brings this entire loaf to life!! I love that isn’t too sweet, and together with rooibos, they make quite a match as my tea lovers would agree. Rooibos and Burnt Honey LoafContinue reading “Burnt Honey and Rooibos Loaf”

Dark Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread

I thought long and hard about what I’d title this recipe, was it banana bread with chocolate chunks or just chocolate banana bread. Until I sliced into it, then I was sure it was dark chocolate chunk banana bread! The only reason being that the chocolate chunk to banana bread ratio is slightly higher thanContinue reading “Dark Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread”

Banoffee banana bundt cakes

Adorable banana bundt cakes topped with creamy caramel, sliced bananas and hazelnuts. These were so cute, cute enough that I never even got to taste one!!! They were all gone within a few minutes so I guess they were pretty good. I’m always looking for new ways to re-invent the classic banana loaf and soContinue reading “Banoffee banana bundt cakes”