Masala Steak Special

*Sponsored by FUTURELIFE® Recently all I’ve been creating are foods I enjoyed whilst growing up in Durban, I remember driving down to the beach and devouring one too many masala steak sarmies, and if you’ve ever tried one you’d know that they are so good and pretty hard to resist. The idea of taking longContinue reading “Masala Steak Special”

3 Ingredient Cheese Scones

What do I love about these scones? Is it the crispy outer layer of cheese?Is it the gooey cheese inside?Or maybe the chives? It’s definitely all 3! Whenever I make these scones for my family they are finished in a matter of minutes. My husband loves it with lashings of butter and biltong and myContinue reading “3 Ingredient Cheese Scones”

Herby Cheddar Swirl Buns

Thought I’d take a break from all the chocolate I’ve been consuming and try something different. The end result was truly marvelous. I know that because this is my second batch in less than 12 hours 😀. These rolls have the softest, pillowy texture, thanks to tangzhong which is an Asian method used to createContinue reading “Herby Cheddar Swirl Buns”

Homemade White Bread

This week has been a horrible week, probably the worst week I’ve experience this year so far. Apart from the lockdown this week my family and I buried my Gramps. To be honest I’m still struggling to come to terms with the fact that he was admitted into ICU 2 weeks ago let alone hisContinue reading “Homemade White Bread”

Hummus and Garlicky Pita Chips

I am so excited about the re-make of Aladdin (which is being released today) that it inspired me to whip up one of my favourite middle eastern snacks, Hummus and Garlicky Pita Chips. Don’t be intimidated by making your own pita bread, it is so easy and waaaaaay better than store bought!! Ingredients Hummus 1Continue reading “Hummus and Garlicky Pita Chips”

Easter Bunny Bread

This bunny bread is a tradition in our family, I only make it around Easter and the kids absolutely love it!! The dough is super simple to make which is a bonus, I always serve this with store bought dip because as much as I love spending time in the kitchen I love short cutsContinue reading “Easter Bunny Bread”

Freshly baked bagels

Before I moved up to Johannesburg I’d eat bagels almost daily, loved the seeded ones and whole wheat ones. I basically loved them all! Since moving up I’ve been to a lot of bakeries and not a bagel in sight! So I just make my own, problem solved! Homemade bagels Ingredients 1 and 1/2 cupsContinue reading “Freshly baked bagels”

Nutella Babka

I have a love hate relationship with the American bloggers I follow, love everything they post, hate what trying out their recipes does to my thighs! This is my first attempt at Nutella Babka, I couldn’t resist trying out Sallys baking addictions recipe. It was so easy to follow and she was right, this stuffContinue reading “Nutella Babka”