The question I always get asked is, “How do I serve a trifle?” I mean it looks beautiful but when you serve it, it just ends up looking like one delicious mess 😅.

The solution? A trifle ice cream cake.

All the trifle flavours we enjoy and it serves up beautifully 👌


For the cake:

 500 ml First Choice Custard

 500 ml First Choice Strawberry Ice Cream or First Choice Strawberry Velvet

 250 ml fresh whipping cream

 410 g canned peaches

 1 box raspberry jelly mix

 1 store bought swiss roll

To assemble:

 250 ml fresh whipping cream

 1 tbsp icing sugar

 fresh fruit


1 Refrigerate the First Choice Custard overnight.

2 Slice the Swiss roll in 1 cm wheels and line the base of a 20cm springform cake tin, ensuring the whole base is covered.

3 Layer with 500ml of First Choice Velvet Strawberry Ice-Cream. Place in the freezer until set.

4 In the meantime prepare the jelly according to the box instructions. Place in the fridge to cool until needed.

5 Once the ice cream layer has set, pour in the jelly and place in the freezer until set.

6 Prepare the peach and custard ice-cream by whipping the cream until medium peaks form, folding in the First Choice Custard. Roughly chop the peach slices discarding the syrup. Add the peaches to the custard mixture and fold in. Place in the fridge to chill until needed.

7 Once the jelly layer has set, slowly pour in the peach and custard ice-cream layer and freeze.

8 Once the trifle cake has set, run the sides of the springform pan under hot water for 10 seconds then remove the cake from the cake tin.

9 Before serving, whip fresh cream with icing sugar and vanilla essence until stiff peaks form. Dollop the cream over the cake and decorate with fresh fruit.

10 Use a knife dipped in boiling water to cut slices to share and enjoy!

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