500g unsalted butter

Place butter in a medium-sized pan and allow to melt over medium-low heat. Tip**

Allow simmering for 15 minutes in total. At around 5-6 minutes you will notice the melted butter will start to foam. By 10 minutes most of the foam should be gone.

The ghee is ready once all the milk solids turn golden brown and settle at the bottom of the pan – I highly recommend using a pan with a silver base so the browned milk solids are more visible.

Place a mesh sieve over a bowl, and line the sieve with a sheet of paper towel. Slowly pour in the ghee mixture, and allow to strain.

Pour the ghee into a jar with a lid and store in the fridge for up to a year.

Use your ghee over popcorn, to make mithai, your favourite curries, and roasts. Enjoy!

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