Dulce de leche penda/peda

Upgrading penda with some homemade dulce de leche. When I say homemade, I really mean simmering a can of condensed milk for 3 hours. Yep, that’s pretty much it.  Peda is an Indian sweet, it’s soft and rich and delicious! As much as I love Indian sweets I sometimes find them way too sweet, hence theContinue reading “Dulce de leche penda/peda”

Shortbread Biscuits

These are the biscuits my Mother spoilt us with as kids, it reminds me so much of Diwali when we would spend at least a week whipping up every kind of biscuit imaginable. I ran a poll on my Instagram page on Monday and to my surprise these delicious morsels beat soji of all things.Continue reading “Shortbread Biscuits”

Chana Magaj Masala Chai Spiced Cake

Chana Magaj Masala Chai Spiced Cake Chana Magaj is an Indian Fudge made from chickpea flour and ghee. Paired with a buttery masala chai spiced cake and cream cheese frosting, it is absolutely decadent! Trust me when I say you want this cake on your dessert table this Diwali! Chana Magaj Masala Chai Spiced CakeContinue reading “Chana Magaj Masala Chai Spiced Cake”

Turkish Delight Cake

This beautiful ombre layered cake with subtle scents of rose and Turkish delight is just heaven on a plate. The crumb is pillowy soft, and oh so buttery and rich this cake is the perfect dessert to have on your dessert table this Eid. Here is how you can make it. Turkish Delight Cake IngredientsContinue reading “Turkish Delight Cake”

Nutella Burfee

Hey everyone, Happy Deepavali to everyone who is celebrating today, I wish each and everyone of you a lifetime of happiness. Now you all know how much I love fusion desserts, burfee is my favourite Indian sweet meat EVER! And as for Nutella, I could – and have – eaten it straight out the jarContinue reading “Nutella Burfee”

Raspberry, Pomegranate and white chocolate coconut ice

Diwali is a few days away, and I’ve decided to start preparing the no bake items today. Coconut ice is one of my favourites and I can’t forgive myself for making it during this time of year only. I mean this delicious sweet treat takes minutes to whip up and an hour to set, itContinue reading “Raspberry, Pomegranate and white chocolate coconut ice”