Snickers Pretzel Brownies

I am a sucker for a good brownie, all fudgy, and oh so delicious. However sometimes I feel it can be way too sweet, and this comes from a person with an insatiable sweet tooth. The addition of salted pretzels and snickers however managed to balance it out so beautifully. The sweet and salty flavourContinue reading “Snickers Pretzel Brownies”

Banoffee banana bundt cakes

Adorable banana bundt cakes topped with creamy caramel, sliced bananas and hazelnuts. These were so cute, cute enough that I never even got to taste one!!! They were all gone within a few minutes so I guess they were pretty good. I’m always looking for new ways to re-invent the classic banana loaf and soContinue reading “Banoffee banana bundt cakes”

Twix cookies

Twix cookies, just like the chocolate bar. Shortbread, caramel and chocolate. What’s not to love. Ingredients Shortbread cookies 1 cup unsalted butter, softened 1/2 cup confectioners’ sugar, sifted 1 tsp. vanilla extract 2 cups flour, sifted 1/4 tsp. sea salt Topping Caramel treat 60g milk chocolate, melted 1 tsp. vegetable oil Method Shortbread Cookies 1.Continue reading “Twix cookies”