Blondie Pies

These are the pies you make for those who can’t stand the sight of fruit mince pies – those meaning my two kids and husband! I’ve been seeing quite a few brownie pies on my feed, and I just had to jump on the trend with these delicious blondie pies with marzipan, cranberries, and deliciousContinue reading “Blondie Pies”

Pizza Mac & Cheese (Crack Mac)

This is one of those dishes made from random ingredients in my pantry and fridge, leftover salami, and an assortment of cheeses all grated up and baked to bubbly perfection. I have to admit I ran out of Oregano and raided my pantry to find a small tin of Zatar that had to do. MyContinue reading “Pizza Mac & Cheese (Crack Mac)”

Littlefinger Chicken Fries

Nothing like a bowl of chicken fries while watching one of the most epic battle scenes I’ve seen this week. I’m not going to say anything else because I don’t want to spoil this mornings episode of GOT so I’ll leave it at that. I made these Littlefinger inspired chicken fries, I love using doritosContinue reading “Littlefinger Chicken Fries”

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I’ve just realised it’s been a while since I’ve shared a pancake recipe, perhaps a whole 3 weeks!!! It’s the first of March, marking the first day of Autumn. It’s still blistering hot and flowers are still blooming but I couldn’t wait a second longer to share these gorgeous pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes with you.Continue reading “Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes”

Freshly baked bagels

Before I moved up to Johannesburg I’d eat bagels almost daily, loved the seeded ones and whole wheat ones. I basically loved them all! Since moving up I’ve been to a lot of bakeries and not a bagel in sight! So I just make my own, problem solved! Homemade bagels Ingredients 1 and 1/2 cupsContinue reading “Freshly baked bagels”

Cranberry and white chocolate pancakes

How to use up leftover dried cranberries from the holidays? Use them to make cranberry and white chocolate pancakes of course! I used my usual go-to pancake recipe and I gotta say there’s no going back to plain old pancakes! The cranberries in each bite gives a delicious tart flavour and well the chocolate justContinue reading “Cranberry and white chocolate pancakes”

Chakalaka Nachos Wreath

Happy Holidays everyone, As you can see Christmas is my most favourite time of the year, I absolutely love all the time I get to spend with my family especially when it’s in the kitchen. This year I wanted to do a thread of cookie posts but decided to go savoury instead. How about thisContinue reading “Chakalaka Nachos Wreath”

Chocolate Crazy Shake

This chocolate shake recipe is life, it’s so easy to make and I’ve added a secret ingredient to mine that I think you’ll just love. Ingredients Here’s how you can make it 4 scoops of chocolate ice cream 250ml Chocolate Steri Stumpie 1/4 cup chocolate syrup Method 1. Pop everything into a blender and blitzContinue reading “Chocolate Crazy Shake”